'An Imperfect White Silence.'

My story 'An Imperfect White Silence' was created for the international 2017 NYC Midnight short story challenge. My heat was assigned the genre 'horror, the character of 'a pilot' and 'a dream job' as a story element. 

I am pleased to say that I was awarded an 'Honourable Mention' and here are some of the judges comments.

"Dramatic and compelling, I found the world come to life as it was described. Your writing quality is clear, and the smooth transitions through action and introspective made for a fun and engaging experience. While not a huge point in consideration, I really loved the poetic title and how that same quality comes into play throughout the story."

"What a wonderfully researched piece! The allusions to the Scott expedition, and the spirit of Oates. The names, a bit on the nose, were justified all the same. Bright and especially Fretwell more descriptions of their characters than anything - very helpful for a short story."

"What a wonderful connection to history, mixed with the modernity of Halley VI (and the effects inside the facility were a great way of bridging the gap between the past and present)."

"And what a hilarious image to think of the doomed photographer as Hercule Poirot. Pricelss!"  


Rather than publish the story here in its entirety, I have been experimenting with interactive fiction.

Here is a game I have adapted from a recent short story: An Imperfect White Silence.