An 1820s gothic crime story woven around a true court case set in rural Sussex. I am caught up in the first draft and have a synopsis to guide me forward. The story is told by Lizzie Graves, a fictional character based on the mention of a ‘girl’ in the trial transcript.

If I Should Fall

This coming of age murder mystery revolves around a family secret and is woven with the superstition of eighteenth-century rural Sussex. I am seeking representation for this project which came second in the Spotlight Adventures in Fiction First Novel Competition. The manuscript is completed but, in response to an editorial appraisal, I intend to undertake a fresh edit to fine-tune plot and prose and deepen characterisation.


Comments from tutors at Bath Spa University. An early version of If I Should Fall was awarded a Distinction. 


'I am impressed by the way you so easily attach human emotion to what they eye is seeing – ‘a drop of fear falls to the mud beside a speckled blackbird foraging for insects,’ and admire the narrative instinct with which you end your scenes, weighing up what has happened and compelling us to read on. You have so many strengths, but perhaps the greatest of these is making the reader wonder what on earth is going to happen next. It is a strong story.'  Fay Weldon


'What a wonderful evocation of a rural underworld in the eighteenth century. You have painted a canvas full of incidents and details that make this world come alive.This is powerful writing, dense with incident and strong emotions. You have a gift for writing quite complex actions scenes, too.'  Celia Brayfield