The Forest and the Female.





A road through uncharted forest,


The space between dense trees,


My boot print in a puddle


Her feeling of unease


A shimmer on the surface


An invitation to explore


A plea to every woman


To search the forest floor.



The feeling that she oughta


Drop down her blood red cloak


And find and feel and think and free


And fumble with the point


Where does each forest leave us?


Where do we leave the holt?



How can we thread


The mysteries of each and every leaf,


Each bird or tiny beetle


And every vibrant bee,


Each fungus and a sapling,


Our woodland destiny.



For when we find each truth, each name,


Our story shape will breathe,


Be something new and shout-out


And of this world so sweet,


A paper cut of words


To free a forest’s sweet mystique.



Gather musky words up to the sky


See how they float and fall


And knot together puzzles


To find a way for all,


A footpath through lost plantation,


A gap between two trees,


A trail to mark the dust


That brings us to our knees.



Help me seek each heartroot’s tale


Breathe stories with a sigh,


Place each tale in a patch of light


And water it; let’s try


To light this ancient land


With lost lore and with song,


Seek shelter in the Forest.


Together we’ll be strong.


2019 Still a work in progress